Carpet Cleaner with Anti Bacterial Solution and Fiber Protection
August 30, 2017
area rug cleaning specialists
Area Rug Cleaning Specialists
February 4, 2018

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning is different from your domestic carpet cleaning in many ways. It is different in procedure as well as point of view as well. This is because the difference comes due to the difference in types of carpets in both areas. In homes we use thick carpets in living rooms and stylish carpets with delicate fibers for decoration purpose. But in offices, we use carpets with strong and hard base. Usually these carpets are glued with ground.

Different approach for commercial carpet cleaning

As the usage of carpet differs. Approach of cleaning differs as well. For homes we use different carpet cleaning solutions. The solutions contains lesser chemical agents and drying agents. So they don’t effect the health of the family. It appears to be totally opposite in case of offices. This is because in offices people do not have whole day to wait for the carpets to dry. People need instant results. For this our professionals apply very appropriate solution. We use Chemdry and Steam dry solutions. Both of them results in quick dry of the carpet. Our professionals analyze the situation of carpet, its fiber. And whether it is glued or not. Then they suggest clients about which commercial carpet cleaning method should be used among the available option.

Commercial carpet cleaning our service

We prefer commercial carpet cleaning same as we prefer home carpet cleaning. Because a person should stay in a clean environment where ever he is. Home and office are the two places where a person spends his most of the time. That is why comp carpet cleaning arranges a special package for commercial carpets. This package includes all the necessary set of steps for the best quality results.

  • We vacuum and wash carpet using our own special carpet cleaner.
  • Antibacterial and fiber protection solution is used in combination.
  • Chemdry and Steam cleaning is also available.
  • The equipment our professionals use is scientifically approved.
  • The cleaning process covers deep down area of carpet as well.
  • For glued carpets extra care implies. So that disturbance not occur on the position of carpet.

 Why commercial carpet cleaning necessary

We declare commercial carpet cleaning necessary. Because a filthy carpet at office is equally harmful as it is a home carpet. It also possesses same type of bacteria and germs or even maybe more harmful, as a carpet of domestic use. This is due to the heavy traffic over the carpet in offices. Shoes carry dust and dirt along with them and in offices one can never avoid shoes. Other examples contain the food remains, food or drink stains etc. Our commercial carpet cleaning service proves to be the best in cleaning commercial carpets till the roots of carpets. By our services clients do not worry about the harmful effects of carpet.

Carpet cleaning is also necessary because nearly every man made item needs regular maintenance. This is for increasing the life of the material and maintaining the quality. Similarly carpets also need regular cleaning so to maintain its quality. To maintain the quality of you commercial carpet and for the best cleaning service, hire our professional service in much cheaper cost than others.

For further information on commercial carpet cleaning please contact us.



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Carpet Cleaning Agoura Hills Services & More
September 1, 2017
September 1, 2017

Area Rug Cleaning near Los Angeles

Area Rug Cleaning near Los Angeles, CA.

Most of you would probably not think that area rug cleaning is much different than carpet cleaning. First, many of the area rugs are made of various materials that are more gentle than the regular synthetic carpet. In addition, the piles of the rug and the fact that normally there is not pad underneath also changes the scheme of things. Therefore, area rug cleaning is a delicate service that should be approached with much experience and knowledge. Some rug could shrink or smear their color when cleaned with the wrong pressure and heat. Therefore, we strongly recommend to search for a reputable local area rug cleaning service for the job.

Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles Solutions.

Normally you will find 3 types of area rugs around your house in case you have any. First, the most commonly found area rug is a synthetic area rug. The synthetic area rug is very similar to the regular carpet in the house with a minor change of not having a pad. Moreover, wool rugs are very common nowadays. Wool rugs are a high quality rug, they feel good and very comfortable and aesthetic to the eye. In addition, you may also have an oriental rug in the house. That means possibly a silk rug that is hand made. Mostly the oriental rugs around the house are Persian rugs and Afghan rugs. The oriental rugs are much more delicate and therefore should be treated with care. Therefore, area rug cleaning Los Angeles is a high demand service.

Area Rug Cleaning Los Angeles is commonly requested.

Many of our customers around Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills constantly have the need to freshen up their rugs and bring them back to life. Oriental rugs are beautiful and unique, however, with time they could lose their vibrant color. In that case please contact us for area rug Los Angeles services as we would love to be at your service. In addition to the oriental rugs, wool rugs also demand a special care. Area rug cleaning Los Angeles must find the right temperature and solutions to use over the wool rug. Wool rugs are known to shrink due to wrong application of necessary steps. Therefore, please contact us for a careful area rug Los Angeles practice.

Synthetic area rug cleaning Los Angeles.

Your typical synthetic area rug around the house normally gets a heavy beating. You tend to use it in high traffic areas and for a great reason. Synthetic area rugs are much cheaper than wool and oriental rugs. Therefore, we know how to adjust our area rug cleaning Los Angeles practice in order to provide you with the best results. For More information about your synthetic area rug cleaning Los Angeles needs please contact us.

area rug cleaning

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