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October 6, 2017
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Area Rug Cleaning Specialists

area rug cleaning specialists

What is it really that makes us the area rug cleaning specialists?

First, we must part all area rugs into 2 main categories, synthetic area rugs and delicate area rugs. Synthetic area rugs are very similar in many ways to the basic carpet that is installed in every home. It is made in a mil and trimmed to the exact specifications of the desired artistic result.

However, delicate area rugs are mostly hand made, moreover, they are made of delicate materials such as silk and wool. In order to clean delicate area rugs, tremendous amount of experience is needed. In addition, the proper knowledge of carpet cleaning products and approach should be used. Comp carpet cleaning has the right experience dealing with all oriental rugs and wool rugs. In addition, much of our knowledge comes from first hand schooling by oriental rug cleaning masters שיראז ניקוי שטיחים, the leading carpet cleaning service of Oriental rugs and far east rugs. We have taken many enrichment classes over the years in order to be able to provide you with the best carpet cleaning results. area rug cleaning specialists

More so, area rug cleaning for all delicate rugs could be approached in 2 ways. First, steam cleaning at your home, and the other is professional dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning for delicate rugs.

some rugs need sever treatment and deep scrubbing in order to get the toughest stains and dirt out of the rug. Over the years some residue of dirt and fluids accumulate in your rug, and in case you have not treated it periodically, a professional deep cleaning is needed. Using regular steam cleaning in some cases may hurt your area rug when hard cleaning is needed. Therefore, we will pick up the carpet from your home and take it back to get our TLC with the best dry cleaning procedure.
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